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The Visionary

Founder + Creative Director

Jacqueline Robinson is a highly intuitive mystic initiated into the Feminine Mysteries through training, love and the intensities of a passion-driven life. She and her 'earth man' husband have navigated and cleared ancestral imprints of betrayal, infidelity, sexual trauma, masculine/feminine polarization and the stale energetics of monogamy and marriage.


Through studies with Caroline Myss, Chartres Mystery School, psychic-medium Lisa Williams and her own lived experience, Jacqueline embodies the integrity, grace and discernment required to deepen into the Art of Being Feminine.


Her current body of work is devoted to midwifing the evolution of love, sexuality and relationship into a highly-revered expression of integrated ordinary-human and divinely-imbued-being, for a new creation of life on our planet.

As an Aquarian visionary, Jacqueline understands our world is in rapid evolution, sees the big-picture vision and is elegantly weaving innovative experience into existence. A lover of all things Feminine, her artistry has touched hundreds of women and her eye for beauty extends to a reverent eroticism with Life and intimate celebration of our female signature through time and into the ages.


Deep wisdom runs through her bones, cultivated as momma of three gorgeous adult humans and thirty-one-years in marriage to one beloved man. In her everyday life Jacqueline indulges in creating beautiful space, absorbing suncodes, and spoiling her two felines Harrison and Kali.


Jacqueline Robinson

TAPESTRY Feminine Collective

TAPESTRY is virtual collective of women from every walk of life: exploring, sharing, creating the literal artistry that will form foundational shifts in the expression of feminine energy, intimacy and wisdom across the planet and for generations to come. 

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Vision of


Familiarity, Grace, Connection

For many women it's been centuries since we have come together in this way. While the events of TAPESTRY will be streaming virtually, the energetic signature will be one of nuanced familiarity, grace, and connection. 

Together we will encode a new way of life for women, for our families, children and communities. We are in the earliest stages of a Golden Age, the New Renaissance and the ARTISTRY OF WOMEN is its birthing portal. 

All are welcome to join. We are considering every element of your pleasure, your curiosity and desire to deepen and create, your longing to connect and share in communion with uplifting and delightful engagement. 

Additionally, we want you to experience, witness, receive, reveal - something new. Sensations, visuals, practices that are foreign to your system and way of doing life - arousing your senses, your visions, your unique signature of artistry in this world. 

Now is your time, Beloved Woman. Our passion is to light you up with inspiration, to tease out the muse that is stirring within your bones. We have entered a new era in our human evolution and TAPESTRY intentionally weaves together the many threads of exceptional 'everyday' women from around the globe. 

Artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, practitioners of modern bioenergy and ancient medicines. All will be present and sharing their exquisite craft. 

To create this experience and vision in its full and desired expression - requires a collective of women. YOU. 

From the one woman birthing its vision, to the council of women surrounding its nucleus, to the circle of women presenting, to those who choose to join our experience - we need EVERY SINGLE WOMAN's energy, enthusiasm and love to share the beauty, richness and immensity of what is here. 

A Personal Message From Jacqueline

The vision of Women I see is from our future - a place where the competition, the fears, the frustrations and protections of being feminine have kept us separate. Mostly - from the Beauty, the Potency, the Purity and the Richness of our very own Selves. 


What we offer here is a place for your own unfurling. A space in which you can test the edges of how deeply and intimately you trust the purity and truth of your own Woman - and the Women surrounding you.

How fully are you able to be nourished, to allow yourself to create without filter or censor, to let yourself be seen, heard and vulnerably held by another Woman? 


TAPESTRY upholds the energies of a future collective of feminine beings - forming ahead of its time. Women who choose to come together in community, creation and connectedness. Women who will speak the most raw and tender truth to her Self and the Other. Women with the capacity to hold her own power even in the face of another’s. 


We are visionaries, pioneers and forerunners of the new age descending upon our planet. We are the stewards and caretakers of its energetic signature, fully submitting ourselves to all it asks and even demands of us. There are mystical energetics woven into this portal of feminine Artistry, breaking open the hearts of each one of us, opening places long held tight and even some never before present in existence at the human level. 


Divinity and humanity are being interwoven. No longer can we separate the spiritual and mystical from the mundane and ordinary. They are one in the same. The art we create with our words, with our love, with our hands and hearts is ESSENTIAL to the next level of survival and flourishing upon this planet. 


The call is imperative. 


The time is now. 


How will you answer? 


All my love to each of you. xx


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