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Dear Woman, it's time

Dear Woman:

It’s time…

For the*bigness of your brilliance, beauty and artistry to not just blossom, but RADIATE within and through you.

Time to drop the internal dialogue that flip flops between being too much or not enough. (Lies.)

Every woman possesses her own unique signature - as momma, lover, creator, artist, medicine woman.

As we mature into our lives, different archetypal expressions are activated within and through us. Some serve a lifetime, others only a season.

There are new energies, creations and engagements entering your field. Likely very different from what you’ve yet known or lived.

They carry the breath that will make you feel Alive *now.

Many of us have or are experiencing what feels to be a death - a space in which the ways we have moved through our lives, our money, our relationships no longer have the ‘juice’ to work.

More than simply moving into a new ‘stage’ of life - this is a massive paradigm shift into a new consciousness on our planet, one that is fast permeating the most integral pieces of our day-to-day living, loving and creating.

There is nothing to fix And you cannot get it wrong.

Your key is in truly connecting to You. Understanding and taking full ownership of who you are, what you desire and how you are called to share these in the world around you.

‘You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.’ - Mary Oliver

Do you Know Her - your Body? She is your Guide. She holds and responds to your personal style of ‘juice.’

Choice *does* matter. Born of connection to your interior truth and desires - the alignment of your will to your heart, sex and soul are paramount to this transition.

If you desire support with this, I am here. I can see the unfurlings and choice points that will take you deeper into your true signature of feminine power and open new channels of expression. Together we navigate the pathway into your Next.


Something very BIG is being birthed in my field. Not only for me - for women around the globe. A coming together unlike anything we’ve seen thus far.

I’m ecstatic about this, and it will certainly pique and massage alllll my edges.

It will also take a village:

A woman who is willing to hold the fierce potency and huge breadth of her own vision. Me.

A team of women who desire to walk beside her and serve in leadership through their own gifts. Some of You.

A gathering of artists, teachers, medicine women desiring to offer these to the world. More of You.

A global collective of women expanding the energy + vision, experiencing it for themselves, sharing it with the women she touches. *MANY* of You.

This will be a collaborative weaving together of our many threads. The most exquisite Tapestry of Feminine Artistry, Magic, Wisdom and Beauty.

I will be sharing more soon. Much is stirring and being created behind the scenes.

If you also feel the stirring within you, please feel welcome to comment below or pm.

It’s Time.

I love you.

Xx Jacqueline

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