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"Agency" - FEMININE POWER Part 7

FEMININE POWER Part 7: Agency God is not going to do it all for you. Nor can your husband/partner. Every woman must come into ownership with her Self. She must choose to hold the power (and thus the unforeseeable outcomes, the literal Unknown) of Her choice. To choose. She cannot *truly* from her heart and soul submit until she is willing to claim and own the full potency of her Power to Choose. This comes only with and through Her Self. Period. Submission without full agency of choice - in all her body and energy field - is powerless. Not simply the choice to submit, but also the choice to *not. Unless and until she truly knows and has become intimate with her being, with what she values and who she is as Woman - her choices remains DIS-EMBODIED. Not in her body. To claim her power goes beyond polarized bedroom play. For her - it's life, or death. One of a Woman's greatest fears is that she will die with her love, her sex, her voice, her song - still caged up inside. She must choose. 'Does this make me come alive?' FULL-BODIED. In-my-Soul Heart-open Defenses-off Knees-shaking ALIVE?

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