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"Blind" - FEMININE POWER Part 8

FEMININE POWER Part 8: Blind Now - she must step blindly. Especially when gifted a very clear mandate, vision, quest of love + service that has been seeded deep within her heart. She will imagine every possible outcome, none of which become the realized power of her experience. What will touch her, change her, draw her out even more - Cannot be known. Anticipated. Expected. Manufactured. Upon her embodied emergence and rooted in the power of her own CHOICE (voice), she has changed. Been made new. Fresh. The blinding brilliance of space before her feels very different than the fecund, womb-like darkness of her dying. She has been called, and she must be willing to answer. WILLING. To Will is to choose. To ’power.’ The blinding light…illuminates her true Beauty. Awakens the quiet places within, now ready for expression, generating energy, devotion and inspiration. Igniting pleasure. She is ripe for conception… Xx Jacqueline

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