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Choose YOU


No teacher, mentor, psychic, lover Knows more about you than you do.

If they appear to, claim to or you believe they do - it’s because you don’t trust your Self. There’s a very nuanced difference between navigating toward someone for their POWER (or your perception /their projection of it) and moving in closer through HEART, WISDOM and SOUL.

We are designed to be the *Ultimate Knower* of our own truth and signature.

The Radical Truth you most fear speaking, embodying, living *OUT LOUD* is your next step into holding your own potency - rather than outsourcing it.

Knees shaking, body trembling, tears flowing…

Speak it. Write it. Live it.


Here is where the power and alignment of your will become your greatest ally.

Take the Risk to move beyond the sensational, thrill-seeking, pleasured ‘turn on.’

Yes - there are times to give yourself unfiltered access to your every arousal and desire.

AND - deeper within your being there is a place of true longing that is connected and held through heart and soul entwined. Further - that place of innate and divinely-imbued WISDOM will also serve your physical well-being, mental clarity and evolving consciousness.

These are not always sexy words and concepts. And yet - engaging the arousal of your energy from the depths of heart + soul will uplift your Everything. Turn ON your senses, your connectors, your cellular regeneration and the sensuous intimacy that exists only within the mystical realm.

Intimacy with YOU Intimacy in Relationship, Artistry, Family Intimacy with God + Divinity

The Gift of Self-Trust must be cultivated. It cannot be given nor erected by anyone or anything outside of you.

There are incredibly pivotal points that will land in your unfolding - our nature is turn outside ourselves for answers, to help us understand the ‘right’ way, the ‘right’ thing to do.

Which is rarely *your* right movement.

Trusting yourself is a choice. Again and again and again. It requires deep listening, witnessing and RECEIVING of your own truth.

Which won’t look like anyone else’s. And potentially disrupts your false sense of belonging, feeling accepted. ‘Right.’

This is why so many feel even more powerless. Give their authority to religion, refuse to grow out of their childhood structure as someone else holding the power (and it’s ensuing responsibility). It’s also an underlying dynamic of the massive movement to make the man the *only one who calls the shots, leads the movement, chooses direction.

Choose. You. Stay present with yourself long enough to see, hear, feel, know who you are and what you love.

Yes. At times - this will feel like the least ‘right’ option. And uncomfortable AF. Boring. Stagnant. Invisible.

STAY. Burn through it until you can sense your Self. Your true Self. Not the desperate, sick of myself, seeking for someone who can fix this kind of burning it all down.

The slowly catching embers of your pure essence that catch your eye and subsequently catch fire and burn through the lies.

Choose to stop believing them. To step outside the accepted, seemingly ‘right’ beliefs of others.

Choose. You. Again and again and again.

I promise you - your truth will rise.

Exercise Your Power of Choice. Connect with your own WILL.

This is not about perfection. In fact you may feel humiliated along the way. People might call you out. Ridicule. Say you’re ‘wrong.’


When you buy into that and stop yourself from BEING YOU - your will becomes aligned to someone else’s and you make choices from that disillusioned connection.

Where do you choose to place your will, your divine power of choice? This belongs ONLY to you.

Do you want it?


All for your consideration. My shares are not the gospel of truth. They are my own personal experience, wisdom and truth woven into medicine for those who choose it.

If that’s you - know that my voice is simply a conduit. An invitation for you to deepen INTO YOU.

You choose what is true. You choose what to do with it. You choose with whom or what to align your own Will.

Xx Jacqueline

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