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"Communion" - FEMININE POWER Part 4


Part 4: Communion While there are places another cannot go with her into the journey to Her Self... Beautifully she is not alone. Nor does she need to be. In truth, she is designed and destined for Communion. Walking in the presence of, or with the love and wisdom of women surrounding her... Is a Grace. The Grace of seeing what feels to be invisible. The Grace of love where it has not yet been met. The Grace of expression that needs no words. Communion - at its core - is quiet. Deeply felt, yet often unspoken. It, too, is a Grace. A golden halo of lighted energy within and around her. The communion of women, partnered by intimate and ever-deepening with Her Self. Here, her creative flow begins to whisper its return. Ultimately, she desires ever-present communion with divinity. The deeper she goes, the more elusive it can appear to become. The mystical is ever-present and often felt. And yet, a truly mystical experience in which she is touched by the hand of God is rare and at His choosing. Still - her heart longs for The Communion. ***** This energetic signature is woven into TAPESTRY Feminine Collective and all we are creating together. We are not meant to fix nor impose upon the energy of one another, but to come into deep communion within and together. Our live event begins in just one week. Beginning tomorrow we are offering ONE FOR YOU + ONE TO GIFT. Select your desired level of Membership - and gift the same to a woman you love. Share this experience together in Communion. The beauty is how doing so will open new places within and between you. xx

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