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"Conception" - FEMININE POWER Part 9

FEMININE POWER Part 9: Conception She must learn how to walk again in this fresh, virginal embodiment of Her Self. With each cycle of death, she returns to this place only ever deeper, ripened by a mystical love of life. Amidst her descent, in the throes of hell and beyond into her own darkness - always, she must choose. And in the choosing - she must climb out of her hell, returning from the Underworld. Her *ascent*, elevating the feminine within. Honoring, loving and purifying her Woman. In the meeting of her Self, centered in Her Self - Conception occurs, as the woman who returns rises to meet the organic, pure expression of Her Self. Passion of her creativity runs hot through her body and soul. she cannot ignore its call. In the truly-now surrendered choosing of its presence, of her Self - her legs become opened and her sex bared. She must now choose to receive Her Self. To stand rooted in her own truth and simultaneously remain connected and in tune with the purity of her heart. The merging of these two - grounded devotion - creates new life. A project/creation. A love. Wealth. Wellness. Because she has met and been met from within - she is ready now. Drenched in the fragrance of pure feminine love. Above + below. Held by God. Blessed by God. Her creative expression becomes an anointed gift in service to this world. She is both holy and whole. Embodied in love. Open to more love. Creating and receiving. Conceiving to birth her next - and in fully-powered embrace of Her Self as Woman. (The less she is able to do this, the more she will experience 'phantom' pregnancies - the inability to truly conceive and 'carry to term' the creation of Her Life. The miscarriage of her own energy {power} results in loss of vital Life Force. There is no surrogate who can carry this Life that is Hers to full term. She must choose it for Her Self.)

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