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"Descent"- FEMININE POWER Part 3

FEMININE POWER Part 3: Descent Claiming this power appears to be simply done. Make no mistake - many, many women become mired in the complexities of understanding what this truly means - and requires. She must become willing to die. To walk into a room of darkness with utter and complete trust. To become raw with the stripping away of false or expired protections (and protectors) no longer serving her. To choose to stand on her own (very different from a hardened standing *along) again and again and again. With the mastery of each, she settles in more deeply. (drops down) Descent. The proverbial 'fall from grace' - real or perceived. It will challenge her will, questioning to whom or what she gives it. Her beauty, her pride, her body - become shattered. Her life no longer looks or feels familiar. Internal receptors that once lit her way are now void of life. Resuscitation is futile. That time is over. That relationship complete. The $$ gone. Any and every thing built upon the approval, dependence, neediness or desire for another falls - defeated and done. Woman must find her true value - the power of her Everything - from within the landscapes of Her Self.

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