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"Divine Feminine" - by Joceline Deschambault

I came late to the table to participate in the banquet laid out before us. Unsure of my invitation, unwilling to participate in something I didn’t quite fully understand, I stood outside the banquet hall looking in, listening, and waiting to discover if this was my place of belonging.

And then She smiled at me. She smiled at me in the flight of the dragonfly and the rising of the moon and I fell deeply, madly in love with the Divine Feminine.

Since that moment, I have read and I have journaled, I have taken courses and I have been in meditative thought. Most of all I have allowed myself to sink deep into my body and to plumb the depths of my own heart.

Our world has been in a sad place for far too long. A place where the Divine Feminine was taught to be silent, to hide and be ashamed. A place where Patriarchy took command of the Divine Masculine and emasculated Him.

We have woken up and we are reclaiming what was known of old. That for our world to heal we need more. More than what we have been taught for hundreds of years, more than we have been allowed to be. We have only to look at the universe, at the natural world, at this very planet to know that all exists in balance and beauty and so must we.

The way of either /or, of black and white, of measuring our value by our possessions, of turning sensuality into depravity, of valuing the mind over the heart has brought us nothing but destruction and fear. Enough. That way needs to be abandoned and we must, we are, spiraling back inward where beauty and grace reside. Where the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine lie down together and love one another on the soft green grass.

This is what my heart longs for, this is what I know. And the knowing comes from being with Her; from spending time, alone, in Her presence and for allowing to unfold, within me, the memory of our connection, of my connection to the Divine Feminine in all her glory.

If you would know her

you must lower your shields

you must allow your heart

to breath in the perfume

of the sweet pea in late afternoon

If you would know her

you only need to watch

the tide move out

towards the vast expanse

that knows no borders

If you struggle to understand her,

be present

to the music of the whippoorwill

feel the sound of her voice

as she rides in on thunder

and asks that you tremble

at her power

I am gentle and kind

She says

as She holds out her hand

to the newborn deer

and lays a kiss upon its head

I am the wind that blows

the rose that blooms

the sap running through the tree

as it rises up and confounds

all your silly laws of gravity

I am that moment

of orgasm

when you lose all thought

all knowing

that moment when time

stands still and you

are able to touch the

hand of God

Your planet, your home

knows me well

and feels me move

in earthquake and trembling leaf

in silent dawn

and thunderous seas

I am all of creation

I am birthing

and dying and I am

every breath you take

there is nothing that does not

contain me

even you

I invite you to come

yes, to come

to allow your body

that sweet release

that rising out of your body

and into the stars

feel me there

know me there

When you sit and watch

the sunrise

when you stretch out your arms

and dance under the moonlight

when you curl up under the stars

I am there

in all that is

I am your heart beating

with fear

your breath catching

in awe

your body reverberating

with anger

at the destruction you

have wrought

Where have you been

you ask

where are you

cries your heart

Where have YOU been

is her shout

Where have you been?

Come now

let us join together

let us fill the space

of emptiness

that has grown between us

with love

with laughter

with labour

to repair all that

was broken

all that has been


let us rebuild

nay, let us recreate

a world where we

walk together

male and female

in harmony

in Divinity

in grace.

This is how I see the Divine Feminine in all her glory and power. It is time for us to set aside our polarized thinking, our separating ourselves from one another, from the wolf and the raven. We are a part of this amazing planet, this vast universe of light and magic. We belong together and we must work together to birth, again, the old ways. The old ways of walking on the earth with respect and harmony. The old ways of holding sacred our bodies, our sexuality, our very breath. We are so much more than we have allowed ourselves to be these past few centuries.

The planet is Her voice and we are hearing her screams of agony in tsunamis, in wild fires, in earth tremors and in a vast climate change that is impacting our lives. Our very structured narrow lives. She calls us to expand our vision, widen our horizons and see, and know, that we matter more than we have allowed ourselves to imagine. We matter. What we do, what we say, who we are makes a difference. We need to reclaim our true nature as fellow caretakers of the land and to walk upon it with the awareness that we impact all of creation.

We have been out of balance for too long. The Divine Feminine is reaching out a hand of salvation and longs for us to sink in to our greatness and love one another once again.

I will see you on the wind

And hear your voice on the morning dew

I will know your presence as I cleanse my body

And walk with you upon the water

I will make love to you upon the fresh green moss

And sense you in the beating of my heart

I will be present to the unfolding of the rose

And be the crow that calls your name

The veil between us has parted

And we are present and known as never before.

All that has come before is done.

And now magic awaits.

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