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"Emergence" - FEMININE POWER Part 5

FEMININE POWER Part 5: Emergence

This in between requires time. While she may no longer feel dead, she is not yet ALIVE.

There is a pause - a quiet stillness as when the wind changes or perhaps like the shifting of tides - a wild and thrashing ruckus.

Either way - she is perplexed. Uncertain. She feels exposed and vulnerable - virginally *new* in this next expression of being Woman.

Here the practice - the CHOICE to trust is essential. There is no life support - she must do it on her own. Out of love. FOR HER SELF. Out of devotion to and with her God.

Any presumed reliance on another - every crutch she has leaned upon previously - every fear and lag of doubt will be cleansed as she emerges from her own cocoon of death.

She must choose to take flight. Meaning: Embody her Wings.

Whether as angel, fairy, healer, goddesse or other. She must emerge as Her Self.

Her wings represent *freedom of flight. Movement. Expression. Spaciousness.

The pleasure of being within her body and self.

She cannot go backwards.

With her emergence, this must be embraced.

She has lived most recently amongst the dead and ugly, traveled only in the dark.

The light now surrounds her, blinding as it is. Her instinct is to cover, protect, hide and feel safe again.

She cannot.

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