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Feminine WORTH

*Feminine WORTH* I recently heard a beautiful woman speak about our worth as being a CHOICE. Rather than a gift bestowed upon you by someone else. As women, we are designed to tend, nourish, devote, serve. For those who enter relationship + motherhood - this is abundantly clear, yes? Our *worth can become entangled with how *good we are. Good Woman Good Wife Good Mother It’s easy to forget - this is not the measure of our value. Did you know there was a time in history when the spiritual power of Indigo was reduced to an exchange of ‘currency’ for enslaved humans? One yard of indigo dyed clothing for one enslaved human from Africa. False measure of value, as determined by someone outside of the individual. No, thank you. We are full-bodied, wise, intuitive, highly gifted and soulful women. Why on earth would we *ever choose for anyone outside of us to determine, set or diminish our worth? Even in the best case scenario of a very high value being placed upon a woman - unless she can hold and embody that from the inside out, it will eventually collapse. I am seeing and sensing a very deeply held programming around this in women, including high-dollar, high-demand coaches and teachers. As well as within women seeking to create their artistry as business, to shift into their next unfurling of life, relationship, family and creation. When a woman cannot see and feel, is unable to embody her *own* value - she will perpetually outsource it. I’ve spoken very candidly about my personal experience (and hell) with this both here on my wall and through live video in the intimate TAPESTRY Feminine Collective group. Claiming, integrating, honoring our high value and worth is a *CHOICE. One that originates from deep within - and will activate and open every pocket in your cellular body where it is not yet able to be truly held, or where we are subconsciously holding and nurturing the LIE. How might your life be different if you, as a Woman, CHOSE to hold in the highest esteem - your own value? Love? Expression? What might you dare speak? Create? Play with? How vast is the spaciousness experienced from the inside out when you imagine yourself as a highly-valued Woman - NO MATTER WHAT anyone else perceived or believed as true? What depth of internal feminine power would you have access to in this honoring and embodiment of your self? I waited years for someone else to make it true…for me…because I could not. Would not. Did not. CHOOSE You. Xx Jacqueline

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