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Intimacy with Self

It used to feel like I call women Home.

Home to themselves Deeper into the truth, taboo and purity of their own desires

Falling more and more in love with who she is.

I did. I do.

And…now…I understand and am experiencing this artistry from a much more intimate place within myself.

I *see Women. As who they truly are *now.

In ways we have become blinded to through time - and for many, no longer even realize exist.

I love being Woman. That’s a full-stop sentence and truth.

AND….the purest pleasure and art of being a Woman is continually in the midst of cycling. Spiraling into and out of and down and inward.

The maiden becomes mother The mother seasons into queen + crone

The virgin is birthed, felt, sensed, penetrated again and again.

Flowering + opening her devotion and sex in the process.

The mother perpetually conceives and gives birth to her next ’child’ and creation.

Laboring + opening her nourishment and instinct in the process.

The queen continually settles *more* into the integrity and fullness of her self as she is led by her own earned integrity and living embodiment.

Ripening + opening her agency and grace in the process.

The crone possesses distilled wisdom enfolded within every wrinkle and bone until the moment of her death.

Weaving + opening her beauty and comfort in the process.

Only to begin again. Every stage of Woman holds the movement of these energetics, regardless of age.

Some may be physically 60 years old and meet a new love, initiating a new flowering she has not before encountered. The purity and innocence of the virgin is remembered and in many ways becomes newly awakened in her system.

Unless and until we can receive and honor ourselves WHERE WE ARE - the gifts of this feminine presence we carry will elude us.

The ripening The seeding The birthing The seasoning The death

All. You.

Love Your Woman. She is Everything to you. (Ladies. )

Xx Jacqueline

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