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"Oversexed"-FEMININE POWER: Part 1

FEMININE POWER: Part 1 Oversexed

'God is doing his part, what is my part?'


This was the question circling within my being as I began to write amidst the sunshine and sea breezes yesterday afternoon. What followed was a 10 part series on the evolutionary cycles and maturing of feminine power.

Not surprisingly, there are 10 days before the TAPESTRY 11/11 Experience begins on November 10. I had no idea until the completion of writing this series.

Clearly, God is doing his part. The more I show up for mine, the more evident this becomes. xx



My part is to weave threads of love amongst and between women. Love that draws her closer to Her Self - opening the channels and pathway to her sex.

Sexual energy = Creative energy.

When a highly sensual, intuitive, mystical, brilliant and creative woman is blocked from the power of her own artistry, presence, expression - she will overstimulate.


This includes over 'putting out' - giving - in terms of her body, her service, her gifts, her love and especially - HER VALUE.

She will 'sell her soul' - disconnected from the very juice of Life she craves:

The power to be Her Self.

Part 2...The Power a Woman Craves.... Tomorrow.

xx Jacqueline

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