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"She Who Holds All" - by Joceline Deschambault

Let me rest my head upon your breasts as this day comes to a close.

I have a need for your love I want to be held by you to feel your gentle kiss upon my brow to hear you tell me that all will be well.

Let me be cradled on your lap. I want to feel your gentle hand stroking through my hair and know the gentleness of your heart beat.

You who hold all that is within the sacred space of your eternal womb touch me please at the ending of this day let me hear you whisper "you are oh so loved, my darling" Let me rest my head upon your breasts.

The Divine comes to us in many forms, in many ways. Our heart longs for her feminine presence at times. For that nurturing essence that only the female brings to us.

When life feels too painful, image her opening her arms to you, providing you with a sensual place to rest your weary self. Feel her loving on you, gently, calmly. Feel the touch of her lips upon your forehead, her hands stroking through your hair. Hear HER whispers of love.

You are so precious to HER and you matter so very much.

May SHE who holds all there is, hold you gently in her hands and carry you through and into all that your heart desires.

Joceline Deschambault

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