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The Art of Being Feminine

Women are innately gifted with a grace that can dissolve, soften, open and intimately connect through the honeyed center of Heart. We understand how to love in moments of hatred. We know what it is to have compassion for those who cannot find it within themselves. There is a natural magnetism often spoken about in terms of attracting her beloved partner - and yet this very magnetism will draw one woman into the heart of another through invisible threads. Soul dialogue that is happening beyond the five senses and into future generations of what it is to be feminine, how organically she moves and touches and creates and loves. Women desire to be in the company of other feminine creatures. We are hungry for the tenderness, the power and the most radical self love that comes with witnessing, communing and creating with another woman. (Which is in no way intended to exclude nor diminish our men. That's another conversation. One which I have shared about extensively over the last several years here on my page.) I doubted for many years the popular quote that it is women who will change our world... And I still don't buy wholeheartedly into this statement as the absolute and full truth. What I do *know, however, is that a collective of women gathered with the intention to serve our planet, to dissolve our protections against the very raw and searing penetrative energies of pure love, to uplift the beauty and creative juice within ourselves and the women who choose to stand beside us - THIS collective of women WILL change our world. Make no mistake - it must change and is in the very process of rapid evolution right now. We are meant to glisten and shine. We are designed to love deeply, fully and without apology. We are gifted with fierce instinct as mothers whether birthing children or not. There is an Art to being Feminine. Not one to aspire and slave into becoming. Rather it is an art anchored in UNBECOMING. Releasing and letting go of all the things our mothers, our grandmothers and the ones who came before us needed to gather and hold close for their own survival. That time is over. There is a new age dawning across our planet and the call to deepen into its vibrating resonance is now. The beauty of this call is that not only do the heart and soul of a Woman desire to respond to its erotic and holy beckoning - the very call itself is hungry to feel and partner with us, too. I know I am for the women who hear the call, who cannot help but answer its continued harmonic signaling. Women who are longing to FEEL every inch of who they are - without apology, without omission or making small the pure and wild places within themselves. My own call and mission is to serve as a beacon of light and voice of change. To step out of my fears of being fully seen and trust that what is meant for me will ultimately uplift the feminine energies across our planet. I do not simply do this for women. First and foremost it is for me and in answer to the instruction placed in my heart by God alone. Secondly - it is for my beautiful daughter whose innocence is saturated in the purity of love and illuminates all she touches. For my husband who deserves the love of a woman who embraces ALL the parts of being feminine and continually chooses evolution over pride. For my sons whose hearts will become united with the women they choose and with whom they will create new life. For my mother and sisters whose artistry has delighted me time and again. For the grandmothers already passed who may have experienced only glimpses of the true joy in being a feminine Woman. Ultimately - for every woman who desires to feel, to know, to sense and to move into this world as and with the fullness of all she is. And for every man who will love her, for the children and life they will create together. We are meant to be the forefathers and ancient mothers of the next civilization being birthed across our planet. I can see them....the ones who will follow the paths we carve. Who will reap the harvest of ripe, fertile and juicy fruits we are planting in our time. It is for them - and for us - for the weaving together of our energies, of our hearts and our souls. My time with Jordan this past week as she prepared to marry the love of her life was such a beautiful expression of these energies. She remains her Self - and yet she has become someone new. Two paths - merged to create the third and beautiful 'thing.' Every moment, every thread, every creation - carved and conceived in LOVE. This is our golden thread. It requires CHOICE. To evolve requires the aligning of our will with belief, desire and action. The time is now, beautiful and beloved Women. I am here - for you, with you and to walk as your companion of heart and soul as you unbecome even more of who you truly are. So much love to you. xx Jacqueline

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