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The Evolutionary Movement of TAPESTRY

Woman after woman coming into the TAPESTRY portal is sharing her desire for community. To be immersed and alive, to be in the company and energy field of other women.

Some enter as leaders. Seasoned by decades of life. Held deep within themselves by a fierce and structured knowing of love in its purest, untainted expression.

Others arrive on the cusp of their next becoming. A cycle of death having swallowed them whole.

Composting the old. Spitting them out into an evolving exterior life.

As a mother does in her moments of giving birth.

Again, and again: ‘I’m here for the community of women.’

There is an ancient hunger for feminine connection and creation. For the expression of who we are and how we birth our love into this world.

We’ve become arrid with the trappings of feminism, the containment of polarity, the arrogance of our own glamor and entitlement.

Each of these has its place in the development of Woman. And each is just that - a cycle through which to deepen and know ourselves.

Perhaps to press against the grain and activate the truth of our own internal and divinely-imbued power.

Again and again - I see how deeply we fear our own voice and the uniqueness of our expression.

Enough with the comparisons that will shrink us into a child. The true pulse of Woman cannot thrive nor sustain the vitality of life whilst still entangled in the shadowed snares of self-abandonment.

We cannot serve our husbands, our families + communities when closed off to ourselves and siphoning from another.

We are *changing* the ways that women come together. Tapping into the ancient earth energies - the mysteries that formed and guided us when we were intimately connected to the magic of being Woman.

Not from our minds or what we’ve been taught. Through primordial streams of energy, feminine intelligence woven deeply into our blood and bones.

It cannot be extracted - only Known. And *must be trusted.

This - is a movement. Energetic. Evolutionary. Seemingly invisible.

One that is felt. Sensed. Known.

Grokked from within. Through Gnosis.

If you know this language - TAPESTRY is for you.

And You…

Are For Her.

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