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"The Naming" - FEMININE POWER Part 6

FEMININE POWER Part 6: The Naming Embodiment has weight to it - no matter what. A woman embodied in bitterness, trauma, fear and betrayal is carrying the weight of her own unhappiness - a disconnect from her own power to *choose. Whether that weight is visible on her physical body, felt in her emotions, depressing her soul or tainting her creativity - does not matter. A woman in the embodiment of who she is - fully embracing her own desire, service, gifts and devotion is radiant. Meaning - she is ALIVE, glowing with the (lubricating) elixir of her own Self (in and as) Love. This does not mean she is perfect, nor that she buys herself nice things and luxuriates in long baths each day. True Self Love is mirrored back to her. Shifting her from critic to lover, nurturer, wise one - when engaging with Her Self. She has seen the harrowing fires of her own hell - and climbed her way out. She has chosen LIFE - to live alive in her own truth - rather than the slow death of self-silencing. She has chosen to claim what is hers rather than live in a state of blame for what is not. She understands now how to transmute the shadowy figures of her own psyche. She must also claim the full power of her own Naming. Naming of what is true from the inside out. When she has done so, she embodies this internal power that is truly and purely her own to be expressed and birthed only through her.

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