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"The Power a Woman Craves" - FEMININE POWER Part 2


Part 2: The Power a Woman Craves

The power a woman craves from her feminine is not one of conquering, commanding, acquiring.

She hungers for the luxury and freedom - the absolute *pleasure* - born only of BEING.

This requires she love Her Self. All of Her Self.

For many women - and each of us here certainly - this depth and purity of internal intimacy is a lifelong work of art. Living, breathing, happening - *before *your *very *eyes.


This power, when embodied and integrated, possesses the clarity of the world's most rare and prized diamond. Crystalized in the heart of her being - able to 'power' her through the initiations that inevitably come.

And do not stop.

To experience such richness from within, she must descend, allow herself to die, and then return again.

Descent into the hells of her past and that of her lineage. Descent into the fears and protections of her nows.

Descent into the POWER of executing her OWN CHOICE to choose the divine movement of her Next.

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