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"The Virgin Queen" - FEMININE POWER Part 10

FEMININE POWER Part 10: The Virgin Queen This series has become an initiation into my own true lived experience. I saw it with full clarity as I wrote each piece - 9 in total - one right after the other in less than an hour on a Sunday afternoon. 10 - THE VIRGIN QUEEN Remained elusive. I couldn't fully sense from there what this 10th dialogue would become. I also felt the glitches in my own system. There were few words, just an energetic sensation and imagery. In claiming, *choosing, honoring what is already mine - My creative love and its potency I walked myself straight into an encounter with my own hell. Requiring of me every step I have already shared in this series. The Virgin Queen - is the pure expression of a Woman's true lineage of feminine power. The magic, the medicine, the wisdom and talent - the ancient gifts of service to our world that run only through a feminine bloodline and biology. She claims it - with full agency intact. The power (Life Force and its expression) running through her system sourced in Her Self, with Her God. She is in service to the gifts, the graces, love and talents she has been given. To Create. To Share. To Bless. THIS will change our world. Mothers Daughters Sisters Aunties Nieces Will become *more* in relationship to each other With their partner In their family Creating in community Resourced and sharing abundant resources. TOGETHER. As Her Self. By Being Her Self. SHE BLESSES OUR PLANET. xx J

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