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The Wealth of Being Woman

It's a surreal moment when what you have seen through your interior vision becomes the reality revealing itself. My pleasure and gift is to be Woman. To deepen into the continually evolving and naturally cycling expressions of Her. To love other feminine creatures into their own current season of Woman. We move through the 'usual' rites of passage over the course of our lives - Girl Maiden Mother Queen Matriarch Crone WOMAN. We conceive, gestate, labor and birth. It's in our nature to cycle through these stages of creation even as we mature into the ripening of ourselves, our bodies, our wisdoms, our sex. This is the wealth of being Woman. Layered over these luxurious threads is the more expansive tapestry of energies landing across our planet. While the Woman goes ever more deeply into the groundedness of being Her Self - our world continues forward in its evolving consciousness. We have watched this magic (and its partnered heart-breaks, as in breaking open ever more fully) of the Feminine unfurl, and felt its impact through the lineage of our mothers, grandmothers and every woman who came before us. What was true for my mom - isn't necessarily so for me. This includes the ways we have each moved/will move through our stages of life. Our world evolves - what is available to each of us - both man and woman alike - is continually shifting. There have been fierce waves of both extreme feminism (the structure) and softly polarized submission (the flow) that have been prevalent in our lifetimes. For those women a bit older than me - more likely the protected and structured version of woman, perhaps longing for a softer and more intimate experience of life and love. For the women younger than me - vacillation between the bitch-boss and the compliant woman who cannot feel Her Self. Each are threads in the feminine underbelly. AND. We are not yet complete. There is a finely-tuned weaving together of these two. Of the Woman who will posses the capacity to wisdom and to internally hold herself and remain open to the high-voltage potency (and occasional destruction) of Love. She is unto Her Self (Virginal) AND She is deeply intimate and presenced within her partnerships, creations and collaborations. (Elegantly so.) There is a (future?) expression of Woman Of Feminine Artistry Of Feminine Collaboration Of Feminine Creation + Intimacy That is alive in my field and is becoming birthed - WOVEN - through the portal of TAPESTRY. I shared a video this week while in the most tender and raw of creational feminine space. DILATION - in preparation of the birth. What I am experiencing in our group - and in private conversations with several of the TAPESTRY collaborators and some of the women who have joined our Collective - Is an OPENING. Dilation leads to birth. Multiplicity. More. There are new dialogues and languages coming through in terms of the feminine system, being Woman and the energies that are accessible to us *now. BECAUSE our mothers and grandmothers walked their path through the world that came before us. BECAUSE we *choose* to deepen, to walk through the fires of maturation and fully claim our power. BECAUSE we do not buy into a Woman's power being either taboo and absent, nor cold and disconnected. The conversation is heating up. The incoming 'technologies' of Woman are intense and I'm watching the Presenters of TAPESTRY's 11/11 Experience channel through new expressions of energy. To move into this next age of thriving, creating and loving upon our planet REQUIRES we upgrade our 'operating systems.' Requires *CHANGE.* TAPESTRY is leading the way into these alchemizing energies. The field is highly charged and for those who hear and receive the call - intensely transformative. These are not 'floating' visions of utopia. Lisa Erickson and I shared a live video conversation yesterday that took us into the nuanced threads of these activations and opened a new expression of being Woman. Feminine energies that are primordial in essence, steeped in her enchantments and ripening in our systems. In the most invisible of ways, the energy is amplifying. The signature of TAPESTRY has always been as a global movement rather than simply virtual experience. The threads weaving these energies into being REQUIRE a collective of women - on EVERY level. From its creation, to execution and reception. What we've been passionately bringing together in the background is now making its way to the big stage. Watching it happen - delights me so very much. And of me, it requires I trust the vision I've been given. Deepen into my own internal feminine womb structure AND surrender to Her flow. Each woman who walks this path understands all she must release and also choose in order to do so. My deep love and honor to each of you. ****You can watch the full video of my HIGH VOLTAGE conversation with Lisa within the space of our Feminine Collective, where it’s been deeply activating. (One woman dreamt herself into an evolved expression in its wake, another has stepped into a new internal and soon-to-be external position of leadership.) I'll post the link below. There is so much more to come. The TAPESTRY main event for 2023 happens from November 10-12, with 18 women sharing their beautifully enchanted Artistry. (You can view each one + our 3 day schedule on the website.) This experience will be an absolute *pivot point* for every woman in attendance. Memberships are available now, on our website. (linked in my bio) Join our movement and weave your own energetic signature into the greater Feminine Tapestry. xx So much love. Jacqueline

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