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They have arrived

They have arrived. 11 Women who will individually and together serve as the first Presenters of their unique artistry through the TAPESTRY Feminine Collective 11/11 transmissions. These are the ones who will go first, weaving the earliest threads of our greater creation. These - are exquisite women who I am so absolutely pleasured and honored to present to you. I can sense how deeply this not-yet-visible energy is rooting… More women are dropping into my inbox wanting to collaborate, voicing their curiosity about TAPESTRY and feeling within themselves the stirring. We speak by phone or through voice note - and experience shivers. This is an EDGE for these women. When my eyes, my heart, my love intentionally turn toward you - The illumination of your being is immediate. My eyes, my heart, my love… My brilliance and my reverence… My Blessing Is upon these Women As they walk their edge Birth new places within themselves And become highly visible Seen Known Witnessed. What we are doing is already rippling through generations. Behind. Present. To Come. Xx Jacqueline Some beautiful + magical moments of Nature… Roots Community Promise of what is yet to come.

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Weaving Indigo

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