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"Weave For Me a Cloak" - by Joceline Deschambault

Weave for me a cloak of starlight and silver

edged with daisies with a seashell clasp.

I shall wear it to remind me I am safe and kept within your heart.

And SHE whispered “I am that cloak”.

When I wrote this, a few years ago, I though that SHE was the divine feminine.

The feminine presentation of the one we call God

Reading these words, from today’s place of being further along on this journey of life, I wonder.

Is SHE the one who lives deep within my heart? My own true self who covers me with a cloak of beauty and grace.

Is SHE the friend who nurtures and comforts me when my heart is aching and tired?

Perhaps SHE is the stranger who offers a helping hand or a kind word?

And still perhaps SHE is the one who comes to me in dreams and offers her wisdom, often with a touch of humor.

I believe, I know that women, the feminine piece of who we are as women, is one who presents herself with that beautiful cloak. Sometimes SHE wraps it around me, other times she wraps it around the whole world and still other times she covers our planet, our dimension with starlight and beauty.

SHE is ever present, whether we acknowledge her or not, whether we sense her or not. SHE hovers around us, sometimes wanting us to be fully aware of her presence and, at other times, content to do her work gently, whispering her love to us.

We can ignore her, we can pretend she doesn’t exist or we can face her fully as she drapes her beautiful cloak of starlight and seashells around our shoulders, sending us off to be the beauty she has created to bless our world.

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