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Weaving Your Own Tapestry

Your Artistry isn’t about doing it the ‘right’ way. The way your coach showed you The way your mother taught you The way your friend or colleague does it The way a smart woman knows The way a wealthy woman has access to The way a spiritual woman teaches These can allll be so uplifting and serve the next level of your needs. Let us neither discard nor forget this. Wisdom and insight, new possibilities come from anywhere and everywhere. AND… A woman’s signature of artistry, of creation, expression and existence in this world has been designed for Her life Her system Her unfurling Her pace Exists and is birthed from WITHIN HER. Each of you is already weaving - unweaving and reweaving - your own beautiful Tapestry. It’s already true. Do you know this? Even deeper… Do you trust this? Will you devote Your voice Your movements Your heart Your sex Your soul Your time Your energy Your love Your Everything To the creation that is longing to come through you? Will you STAY with this Woman (you) as she births it all? This, too, is part of the community and energy we are weaving together here and now. Pulling these threads through Walking beside you Witnessing not only your longing, But the union of your longing And your longing’s desire *for you.* They are neither separate or exclusive. It’s a lover relationship You And You Designed, held, guided By Divinity. The energy we - you - are weaving is already having impact. Do you feel it?

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