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"Women Casting Circle" - by Joceline Deschambault

From morning to night

we usher in light

dispelling the dark

leaving our mark.

Below and above

from the call of the dove

We gather here

to banish fear.

Together we heal

together we seal

the work from above

in an offering of love.

United we bless

None seen as less

Each brings a gift

easing the shift

from brokenness

to oneness

In dreams we work

where shadows lurk

from future, from past

we gather to cast

our spells, to unite

all who are true and right.

Young and old

shy and bold

From before and after

we honor this altar.

Crystals and shells

from wisdom’s wells

tools of ease and grace

we leave in this place.

Sisters are we

Wild and free

together, apart

ours is the path of heart.

From time immemorial, women have gathered in circle.

Sometimes to hold hands and pray.

At other times we have danced naked around the fire.

In touch with the elements of sky and earth, of river and flame, we have known we are a part of all that is.

We have answered the call to be the magic, to heal, to raise up energy and send it out into the world to do the work that is needed, wherever that may be.

We have gathered in homes, in fields, in cathedrals and in the midst of stone circles.

We have felt to call to be present with one another and to join our hearts together, in prayer to God, in offerings to many gods and goddesses.

The spiritual heart of all resides within the circle of women, whatever name we give ourselves or our gathering.

We hold power within our bodies, inside our heart, between our legs and it is that power that changes everything.

When we reach within and reach out seeking that power which is ours to give, ours to share, it’s how we change the world.

Women in circle. Let’s gather our tribe and sing the songs of our ancestors, dance wild and free and claim our birthright as powerful, magical, creative beings. It is we who give birth, not only to children, but to life.

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