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Divine Goddess Set

Divine Goddess Set


Luxurious Divine Goddess Set Includes: 


  • Goddess Soap
  • Rose Hip Soap
  • Divine Third Eye Soap
  • Divine Third Eye Rollerball


Tap into your Third Eye Chakra,  Inner Goddess and Divine Feminine energy with our Divine Goddess set.


My name is Krissy and I am a mama of 2 who believes Mother Earth truly has everything we need.

Our world is so full of toxins and chemicals and we need more products that are healthier for our bodies to help lessen the toxic load we are hit with daily. This is why myself and my mama started making all natural/organic soaps from Mother Earths ingredients. 

Everything in our soaps serves your body in some way or form. We don’t use any fragrance, artificial colors, synthetics, preservatives, etc just ingredients from Mother Earth ✨🌱

We make a variety of bars, including energy soaps which work with different energies. From Chakras to Full Moons, Equinoxes, Solstices & different elements. 

Our goal is to make clean healthy products that nourish your body not harm it. We also focus on the energy that goes into each bar. We make each bar with love and choose ingredients that are of high quality. High quality ingredients carry a higher frequency and higher energy, low quality ingredients carry a lower frequency and lower energy. 

Energy is everything. We have energy exchanges with everything we encounter in a day and believe it is important to keep our bodies energetically clean as well as physically clean 💫

Our goal is help people nourish their bodies and their souls ✨ with our soaps.


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