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Enter Into Magic

Enter Into Magic


A 30-minute guided meditation (audio).


All that has ever been, is now, and ever will be arrives through the powerful magic of words. Allow my words to guide you into stillness so that you can hear your own voice, your own words reaching out into our world.


I am a poet, a mystic and published author.  A mentor to women for many years and a woman who chooses kindness overall and walks her path in beauty.  These are all conscious choices and my guiding light is knowing that every morning we rise and we choose who we are.  You are not who you are because of anything that has happened to you or any past decision although all of those are contained in your energetic field. You choose, every day, the person you are.  That, to me is the most empowering, and sometimes the most terrifying, aspect of this journey we call life.


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