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Love Magick Elixir

Love Magick Elixir


While you are on your quest for higher consciousness, your bodymind must be able to hold equivalent frequencies or else the higher frequencies flow in and drain out of you. If you  are practicing meditation, being mentoring by coaches, attending retreats, journaling or working with plant medicine, these are all great activations and expand your higher consciousness; AND  they need to be grounded and integrated. Love Magick prepares your body, your container to be able to receive, integrate and maintain these higher frequencies which result in sustainable manifestations and ultimately a heart orgasm. 


And it is my belief that what you are seeking is the Holy Grail, the heart orgasm which activates RECONNECTION  to your higher self and Love Magick (High Vibe Soverign Sprays)  in synergy with your personal development work does both ACTIVATE AND INTEGRATE all your efforts.


A heart orgasm which cannot be described in words...feels like this..




From the center of your being light begins to illuminate in waves,


in ORGASMIC waves,


outward to the extremities of your whole body,


every single cell of your being melting together in waves of light that flow out of you and back into your center,


over you around you, breathing into you sweeping through you like a million orgasms and you feel whole.


And in that instant you understand EVERYTHING AND NOTHING.


And this is the real breakthrough you are seeking. And it happens in the dark, the stillness...


It’s hard-wired into you that is why Rumi says, “What you are seeking is seeking you.”


This beautiful spray-on remedy is for keeping your heart open and protected, your spirit held and supported keeping your heart open and your boundaries clear and healthy.


"Sustainable safety evolves out of trust. Trust comes out of security. When the safety has shown itself out of safety and sustained it creates empowerment out of trust."-JWOW


And you get to live into that. 


I love this stuff so BEEPING MUCH! Glorious Nourishment.Self soothing.


It's my "bubba" a baby bottle only for adults!  


It's a purifying gentle releaser for heartache, grief, insecurity, being disconnected from your personal power and any time your heart needs support.



It is a multiverse where you dive in when you enter the field of Lisa Erickson and her Mata Magick world. It is a world full of healing gemstones, essences, sound vibrations, cymatics, and witches' wisdom lineages. Lisa Erickson is a master alchemist that transforms EVERYTHING into gold. It can be her elixirs that she started to craft when she was suffering for ages of Migraine. And when she discovered that her daughter had inherited that suffering; that was the melting point. Lisa started to apply her witchcraft, her multi-sensory perceptions, her love of music and vibrations, to create her line of Mata Magick products, launching her MigraineMagick seven years ago, that is helping thousands and thousands of people. The Love elixir followed, the nervous system recalibration, and many more which are building already a proud line of products, each one of these elixirs is an immersion into master craftsmanship.

Lisa Erickson is indeed a master healer in her blood. Everything she is doing is born out of a gut's inquiry into the power of our consciousness. With using her elixirs, we are profoundly journeying into the laws of this earth and the cosmos, not just healing from a particular ailment like Migraine.  Each medicine, piece of music, sound vibration or meditation is infused with an inner knowledge of the cycles, is deeply connected to mother earth, and the planetary impulses.


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