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The Unknown is Your Lover, Not the Enemy

As a powerful and ever-evolving woman, the one constant in your life is change. Your success and happiness will be shaped by how you manage all of the unknowns. This keynote speech is tailor-made for you if you're currently encountering shifts in your career or business, experiencing changes in core relationships, embarking on the journey of parenthood, or refining your identity as your desires come into sharper focus. Your journey to fulfillment begins with masterfully navigating in the "in between."

The Ecology of Erotic Emergence

Where does desire live in your body? Do you allow it? Too often at midlife, women collide with the narrative of invisibility and bury eros for fear of humiliation. Who am I to deserve sex and desire at my age? Who am I to walk into a room like a peony--fragrant and open? When we reject eros, we reject our essence and fall into a cycle of withering. We don't have to do this. We damage our whole ecosystem when we do. Join Rei to restore the cycle of seeding and renewal, of opening to the ecology of erotic emergence.

Opening Worlds With Breath

A deep feminine Breath journey into our Womband Heart to ignite our innate Magnetism within the Realms of Sonic Landscapes and Breath.

Getting into the God Zone

Stephania will lead you through a highly alchemical transmission of how God’s perfect design of life shows women how to receive all she desires and more. This session will blend science and energy mastery, and be part teaching and part somatic microdose of the erotic.

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