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Look what's coming in November! 
Our Women have expressed a deep desire to connect and celebrate, deepen, evolve and create IN PERSON....

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This experience is being crafted for Feminine Leaders who desire to engage within a realm of integrity, creative evolution and deep pleasure. 

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TAPESTRY Feminine Collective 

Community + Connection * Woman to Woman * Exclusive Artist Boutique


If you're a Woman who is aware of the Aquarian Age awakenings happening across the planet, you desire to create and share in sisterhood, and you hear the call - this is your right place. 

We are here to innovate change, deepen into our own signature of divinity and create a new feminine template for creation and connection.  

And we invite you to join us. 

Future generations will experience an expression of Woman walking between the physical and mystical with ease, an embodiment of grace and the full potency of Feminine fertility, wealth, and creation in the realms of her world.

Here, now, you are called to step even more deeply into your own signature of Artistry as change within our world.

A taste of the TAPESTRY Vision, from our 11/11/23 Experience

This is your call.

What are the ripening threads coming to life within your energy field?


How do you desire to interweave your life, your art, your wisdom, your healing gifts within and between other women and our world?

This is your time.

We are the harbingers of a Time that is yet to come and remains visible, sensate and present within your field of Feminine Artistry. The richness of your own signature is essential to birthing a new and mystical expression of Woman upon our planet.

What is the
TAPESTRY Feminine Collective ?

At its core, TAPESTRY is a global movement of *untainted* Feminine Energy weaving itself within and through local and intimate communities of women who connect with each other and carry those energies into the moments and encounters of her own world.


We have created multiple entry points, including our open Facebook group, a center of mystical engagement, inspiration, and connection. We gather here as women in community and also in collaboration as medicine women, teachers, healers, artists, mothers, wives and more. 

For every woman present - there is a story to be shared, a magic to be witnessed and a love to change our world. 


This collective is a



Portal of Artistry.

One that invites you deeper into Your Self,  the mysteries and ordinary reality of Feminine Artistry for our time, and into the Aquarian Age.


We welcome you to join us. 

Gathering Place, Resource and Point of Creation

 On 11/11/23 the TAPESTRY Feminine Collective 11/11 Experience was launched. Born of a vision given to Founder and Creative Director Jacqueline Robinson, a richly gifted gathering of chosen Women was initiated. Selected for their medicine, their wisdom, their beautifully cultivated crafts of unique art, in addition to spiritual practices of healing, growth, and intimacy - 18 women answered the call as presenters of their magic, while another 21 offered their arts within our newly birthed Boutique. 

These women are walking the edges of their own Artistry. Their art and presentations intentionally curated to offer you a diverse experience, transmission, and engagement with how each Woman brings beauty and power into her everyday life and body of work.

All presentations are in the process of being uploaded here on our site within the TAPESTRY Archives. There are several other live transmissions available on our YouTube Channel and within the portal of the TAPESTRY Feminine Collective FB Group.
{Response to our 
membership questions will be required for access.}

TAPESTRY also includes an Artist's Boutique ripe with gorgeous pieces including crafted jewelry, canvas paintings, rich textiles and more. All items will be available only through the TAPESTRY experience and are being designed with these energetics infused within each piece.

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Welcome to the TAPESTRY Feminine Collective Community


Jacqueline Robinson, Founder and Creative Director. Learn more about her and the Vision behind TAPESTRY Feminine Collective. 

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